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PEVO Blue Wine

2023 ITQI Best Flavor One Star Award
2023 CWSA Gold Award

Unleash the wings of freedom, the enchanting micro-wild charm that captivates with every sip.
PEVO Blue Wine is harvested from grape vineyards situated at elevations ranging from 900 to 1100 meters. With scorching summers and harsh winters, the slow maturation of the grapes results in heightened sweetness and fullness.
Upon uncorking, the air is filled with the fruity aroma, and the palate is greeted by the gentle wild bubbles, reminiscent of the sweetness of rock candy.
In an instant, between the lips and teeth, it's as if one receives an embrace of exhilarating passion.


Alcohol concentration: 7.5%
Capacity: 750ML
Country of Origin: Spain

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