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Gold&Cherry Blossom Japan Liqueur

2023 ITQI Best Flavor One Star Award
2023 CWSA Silver Award

With a romantically perfect balance of subtle sweetness and mild acidity, a gentle sip unfurls a canvas of beauty. Introducing 'Happiness in a Sip'—a libation that embodies the essence of floral narratives, none other than the Golden Petal Sakura Sake. The cherry blossom, symbolizing the 'vitality of life,' reminds us of the fleeting nature of life and beauty. Just as the cherry blossoms have a brief existence, changing with each passing moment, it teaches us the art of cherishing every fleeting moment.


Alcohol content: 9%
Capacity 500 ml
Origin: Japan
Variety: Yoshino cherry (3 flowers)
Liquor: soju
Others: edible gold foil

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