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PEVO Classic Whiskey

2023 CWSA Silver Award

Baimo Classic Whiskey is a cost-effective whiskey specially brewed for whiskey lovers. It is stored in aged rum barrels for 5 years and matures in subtropical tropics for one year, which is 5 or 6 times that of Europe.
The aroma is like a freshly baked chicken cake, with a hint of vanilla apple and tropical fruit aroma.
The color is as golden as the sunset on Boracay Island. It has a silky and smooth texture after entering, with a sweetness like cantaloupe and a little spice. The taste is in the mouth
The finish brings out the taste of raisins and dried fruits, and is full of diverse and rich body. You must try it!


Ingredients: Barley
Wine barrel: Rum barrel
Alcohol concentration: 45%
Capacity:700 ml
Manufacturer: LIMTUACO established in 1852

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