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Napoleon VSOP Brand

NAPOLEON V.S.O.P. Napoleon brandy is produced from a winery with a long history founded in 1852. The raw materials are carefully selected from high-quality imported old grapes. It is brewed using ancient distillation processes and stored in oak barrels for nearly ten years. Year, the taste is smooth but not spicy, approachable but not sweet, and the finish is fragrant and layered. The bottle design is elegant and textured, and uses an imported bottle cap to avoid recycling and filling with fake wine. It is paired with a dark green tin can, which is generous and elegant, making it a great souvenir!
It caused a rush to buy before it was even launched on the market!


Main raw materials: imported grapes
Capacity:720 ml
Alcohol concentration: 36%
Barrel: oak barrel
Production plant: The largest winery in the Philippines

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