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hololive production Taiwan’s first co-branded wine will be released soon! "Hanamichi Monogatari" collaborates with Mori Calliope to create "MoriZakura もり桜", a Japanese original bottle of gold foil cherry blossom wine imported from Japan. Early bird pre-orders will start on December 5th!

The "Hanamichi Monogatari" brand is the world's only private brand of gold foil cherry blossom wine. It is imported from Japan in original bottles and contains three Japanese Yoshino cherry blossoms. It has a unique cherry blossom aroma and fruity flavor. It has received one Michelin "ITQI" star for excellent flavor in the food industry. Medal. Due to the need to match the Yoshino cherry blossoms and the brewing season, the production quantity is rare and a limited collection is sold every year.

The partner of this wine collaboration, Mori Calliope, has many intoxicating music styles from his debut song "I'm sorry, RIP♡" to "End of a life", and has many championship records in the iTunes rankings. At the same time, he has accumulated 2.31 million YouTube subscriptions and has many fans around the world; Mori Calliope also likes to taste various wines. For this collaborative product, Aku’s Artwork (Aku Maborosi Lu Hongxi / Liverless Animation) was specially invited to draw an exquisite wine label, paired with mature outer box packaging of gold foil and cherry blossoms, which is as beautiful, sweet and moving as Mori Calliope.

"MoriZakura もり桜" has a content volume of 500ml. Pre-ordering a single bottle includes a special collection gift box, priced at NT$1890. In addition, if you purchase a special acrylic for NT$690, you will receive an additional black envelope and Mori Calliope message card to add this wine. A unique collectible.

Price in Taiwan: NT$1890
Pre-sale date: 2023/12/5 12:00
Early bird pre-orders will arrive in Q2 2024
Warning: "Please do not drink alcohol if you are under 18 years old, do not drink and drive, and do not drive after drinking. Safety is guaranteed."

SGS food safety testing
"MoriZakura もり桜" is a liqueur with an alcohol content of 9%. The best way to taste it is to refrigerate it to about 10 degrees. Put it in a tall glass and let the edible cherry blossoms and gold foil flow into your mouth and drink it directly. The gold foil and Yoshino cherry blossoms contained in it are It brings out its sweet aroma, and you can directly watch the gorgeous scene of the cherry blossom petals and gold foil in the wine when you are slightly tipsy. It is also recommended to drink it when mixed with sparkling water.
Hanamichi Monogatari Gold Foil Sakura Liquor comes from Kitaoka Co., Ltd., a well-known Japanese distillery. It uses three Japanese Yoshino cherry blossoms and gold foil and is based on shochu. It contains apple flavor. The alcohol concentration is 9% and the capacity is 500ml.

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